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Regular updates of visualisation photos and video animations from Architects.

Showcase of user completed projects and work-in-progress.
NZ Lumion v8
Visualisation for architectural scenes.
Interiors and exteriors.  Ability to handle large scenes.
High quality image, video, 360 Panorama and VR images - fast.
Rapid scene creation and rendering in a dynamic 3D environment.
Review scenes in real-time with clients.
Simple to learn, and use. 
Productive visualisations.

Lumion V 8.0 New Feature Images:

Lumion: Stunning visualisations : Rapidly
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Beautiful Renders Within Reach
The best way to communicate architecture

Lumion empowers architects to create unbelievable renders in seconds.

New in Lumion 8, just press the Styles Button and instantly create a beautiful render from your design. Open the Sky Light daylight simulator, cast finely detailed shadows and watch as your design becomes remarkably photo-realistic.

You’ll be making renders faster than ever, capturing your designs in the best possible light.

Dressing your modeled scenes in beautiful, realistic materials can instantly transform the look and mood of a building or space, and it typically means the difference between a jaw-dropping render and a computer-generated, plastic appearance.

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The art of realistic textures: new materials in Lumion 8

January 19 2018:

Lumion 8: Beautiful Renders Within Reach Site name
Beautiful Renders Within Reach

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