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Version 7.3 Release Details:

The current Trial edition is v7.3.

The current version is 7.3
Released 3 April  2017. 

This was a update release to V7.0 released 2 November 2016. 
For further details, see Lumion Product Details, or Contact us.

1. A 7 day Limited Trial:

A free to download and use 7 day Trial over 30 days from date of download.

Basic features of this Trial are:
• Works on 7 days in total during a 30-day period
• LiveSync® for Revit®
• 15% of the Content Library
• Scenes saved in this version can not be opened in other versions of Lumion
• Output contains watermark

Not included:
• MyLumion®
• OpenStreetMap
• Panorama Mode
• Movie upload to YouTube

Currently available from the Lumion web site: Try.

2. A 7 day full Trial:

A free to download and use for 7 days full Trial of the product from date of download.
• This Trial is available only via authorised Lumion Resellers and Partners.
• It is intended for serious evaluation prior to a decision for purchase.
   Contact us to discuss your needs and find out how Lumion can work in your organisation.

Basic features of this Trial edition are:
• 7 day period from date of download.
• Full Lumion Pro features.
• Full Lumion Pro content.
• You can save Scenes and projects.
• Not watermarked.
• LiveSync® for Revit® (also requires download of free Lumion For Revit Plug-in v2 or above).

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Two Trial Edition options are provided:
Lumion: Stunning visualisations : Rapidly
The best way to communicate architecture
Lumion has two different editions, commercial and  
educational editions.
The current version release is Lumion v7.3.  When you  
purchase Lumion you have access to all minor and major  
updates during the current version release. 

For example; 7.0.0, 7.0.1, 7.3.0 etc. Site name
Beautiful Renders Within Reach

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