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Payment Steps:

1. Choose your Lumion product from the list above.

2. Arrange to pay by:
    a) Direct Credit to 4Front Technologies trading account (preferred option). 
        Details provided on request via email or phone for bank details. Save more $'s this way.   

    b) or, PayPal using the Buy Now button.
          (alternatively you can opt for the email option, see Notes For Ordering Lumion)
        -  A PayPal and credit/debit card transaction fee is payable in addition to the listed prices.  Lumion $95 Lumion Pro $175.  Save by paying via direct credit to 4Front Technologies as in a) above.
        - You will be taken to the secure PayPal site where you can make payment either by using your PayPal account, or by credit/debit card.
        - On completion of payment, PayPal will return to this site.
        - An email payment notification will be sent to us from PayPal.  PayPal requires up to 24 hours to process the Payment Review for an Unverified Customer.

3. We will then advise you by email of confirmation of payment, and finalise the order.  You then receive an email from Act-3D with download and license instructions. 
    Timeframe:- generally same day, after confirmation.
For Further Information on the Purchasing Steps (these steps are included in our confirmation email to you).
For further details, see Lumion Product Details - Version (Tab), or contact us.
Note: if you want to see the basics of Lumion before purchasing, please follow the link above for Lumion 14 Day Trial (free).  To obtain an evaluaiton version - the Lumion Pro 14 Day Trial with all features and content, please Contact Us.

Which Lumion Edition and Version Is Right For You?

Lumion has two different editions, commercial and educational editions.
The current version release is Lumion v11.  When you purchase Lumion you have access to all minor and major
updates during the current version release. 

For example; 11.0.0, 11.0.2, 11.5.0 etc.

The current version is V11.5
released (NZ) 1 June 2021.

The current major version is V11
released (NZ) 17 November 2020.

Prior version was V10.5
released 9 July 2020
Note: pricing is reflective of changing NZ exchange rates, so please check here for the most current prices. 
Pricing is also flexible, please Contact via email or phone to discuss. 
If you wish to purchase for a multi-user site or multiple copies in a single purchase, please contact, we can discuss arrangements for alternative pricing.
Other edition or version purchasing including Educational: please contact for payment arrangements. Refer to full Price List

Full Lumion Price List

Require further assistance in ordering or purchasing?

Please see the Notes On Ordering, or contact us directly via email or phone here.

LUMION Price List:

(excl. GST, excl. PayPal transaction and credit card fees)

Save $350 (on Lumion Pro): 

Save $ when buying locally.

Buy Version 11.5

The following Lumion products are available for purchase from 4Front Technologies - Authorised NZ Reseller.

Order and Price Details:


Version 11 Release Details:

Lumion: Stunning visualisations : Rapidly
Buy Lumion or Lumion Pro today for our
NZ Specials for V11.5

Upgrades for V10 (or earlier) to V11?

See the Full Lumion Price List (below), or enquire with us here.
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Lumion: Beautiful Renders within Reach