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LiveSync Improvements


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Lumion 9.3 comes with some exciting improvements to the LiveSync functionality.

From the ability to transfer camera angles from your 3D/CAD software to Photo slots in Lumion, to smoother LiveSync workflows when changing from Build Mode to Photo or Movie Mode, the improved LiveSync allows a faster, more intuitive real-time rendering experience.
Living environments. Beautiful spaces. Rendered in seconds.


Lumion 9.3 is now available as free upgrade for Lumion 9 users. The LiveSync plugin is free for everyone.
Lumion 9.3 was released today as a free upgrade for Lumion 9 users. It builds on the stunning capability of Lumion 9 to produce beautiful renders with ease and speed unparalleled by any architectural software.

Lumion 9.3 also creates a smoother real-time rendering experience with improvements to the LiveSync functionality, compatible with Revit, SketchUp, ArchiCAD, Rhino and, now, Vectorworks.

And with the ability to immediately fit right into your current workflow, this version can open the door to a more productive, more enjoyable design and visualization experience.
New LiveSync for Vectorworks 2019 SP3

Vectorworks is the complete solution for the architect’s design process, and the new LiveSync for Vectorworks feature pulls Lumion’s exceptional real-time rendering technology into the mix.

With only a click, you can synchronize your Vectorworks 3D model with Lumion, allowing you to dress your model with elegant materials and objects from an expansive content library. Instantly, you can see your model in its real-life setting, whether that’s in the center of an urban metropolis or a picturesque rural environment.

For more info about LiveSync for Vectorworks, you can sign up for a webinar with Michael Brightman on March 25th at 11 A.M. MST.
As of V9.5 this is now a new Lumion Trial V9.5 has also been released to coincide with the V9.5 and V9.3 update.

Want to see how Lumion can enhance your workflows?

By downloading the free trial, you can instantly capture your 3D designs in beautiful, photorealistic lighting with breakthrough features such as Real Skies and Sky Light 2. For a heightened sense of landscape realism, assign the customizable 3D grass to any surface, or form strong connections between buildings and their surroundings with the atmospheric rain and snow.

Lumion 9.5 is available now

Lumion 9.5 was released Tuesday 18 June 2019 as a free upgrade for Lumion 9 users.

Communicate the cozy feeling of your design and its environment with new, natural objects and materials in Lumion 9.5, available now.

Apply any of the 52 new wood and brick materials and you’ll immediately set up that warm, home-sweet-home feeling for your interiors and exteriors. You can then invite nature into your design with the 14 new leafless trees and shrubs, 96 forest wood objects (twigs, trunks, logs, punk woods, stumps, etc.) and 25 potted plants. (some objects Lumion Pro only)

With the added benefit of lightning-fast rendering, Lumion 9.5 makes it easy to connect interior and exterior spaces with a consistent mood, while helping you quickly polish the look of your renders with a breathtaking level of realism.
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