Beautiful Renders Within Reach with Lumion 10


Feel the materials in your design come to life and show incredible texture and detail with the new displacement map import feature.

And if you’re an AutoCAD user, you can now work on your model while taking advantage of real-time rendering with Lumion LiveSync for AutoCAD.
Breathe life into 3D models. Invite others to see the beauty of your designs
Realistic Environments, Real Beauty, Rendered Faster than ever
When materials feel real, designs become lively experiences in the mind. Just seeing smooth hardwood floors can trigger memories of sliding across the living room in your socks. Soft gravel paths can bring up the sounds of small pebbles and sticks crunching underfoot. Coarse brick textures take you back to the stately houses you’d pass on your way home from school.

Vivid materials can tell a vivid story about your design, and in Lumion 10.3, you can now make materials feel real with the new displacement map import feature.
In this Lumion 10.3 render, a displacement map was imported and added to a rock material.
By importing your own displacement maps, you can give any material a natural and realistic appearance that makes it look as if you could reach out and touch it. Simply create or download your own displacement map (from wherever you prefer to get your materials), and, in an instant, you can enhance the texture and detail of your project’s materials to show exactly how they will feel.

Import your own displacement maps

LiveSync for AutoCAD

Always get a real-time view of your AutoCAD 3D model in Lumion’s breathtaking, full context environments with LiveSync for AutoCAD, new in Lumion 10.3.
The free Lumion LiveSync plugin lets you set up a simultaneous, real-time connection between your 3D model in AutoCAD and Lumion 10.3.

Change the model’s shape or materials in AutoCAD to test a modified design, and you’ll instantly see the model updated in Lumion so you can view it with accurate lighting and shadow, surrounding context such as urban neighborhoods or rural settings, and beautiful, realistic materials.
Sometimes, the great outdoors is as close as your own backyard.

With Lumion 10.5, available now, it’s even easier to elevate the beauty of the ‘great outdoors’ surrounding your architectural design with 67 new high-quality models* for gardens, backyards, landscape designs and other outdoor spaces.
In this Lumion 10.5 render, the high-quality models and other items from the content library give the backyard setting a lived-in feeling, one that’s warm and inviting.

The new high-quality models in Lumion 10.5 include:

16 planting pots
10 coffee and garden tables
7 chairs and deck chairs
6 garden benches
4 wicker baskets
3 garden lamps
And many more…


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