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Vsit our Facebook pages.  Regular updates showcasing architects images and video animations made with Lumion.


Scene editing:
Lumion uses a full real-time 3D world. Users can edit 3D scenes by placing and sizing objects, edit materials and water, create terrain and adjust weather and sunlight. 

Lumion offers importers for all major 3D modelling applications.  Including dedicated exporters for Revit and ArchiCAD, and a direct SketchUp file importer.  Once imported, models can be updated at any stage, making it a quick and simple workflow. 

Imported materials can be adjusted, or use Lumion pre-made materials.

Add extra content from the optmised large Lumion 2D and 3D Library.

Lumion contains a video editor for creating MP4 movie animations.  Users can set the camera path with extreme ease, add scene and video effects and integrate existing movies and photos. 

Rendering high-quality, high-resolution MP4 movies will take a fraction of the time raytraced 3D authoring packages require.

Users can also take photos of the scene and save them as an image, with resolutions from email up to poster size.

Panorama Mode:
Easily create views and render to 360 panorama for anytime, anywhere presentation.
Easily create views and render to VR images for Oculus, Samsung Gear VR, and other VR players supporting Google Cardboard.

Theatre mode:
The Lumion editor and the dedicated Viewer provide realtime live presentation and client review.  Users can show their work by interactively exploring the scene. or playing back the pre-made video clips - all in realtime.


For further information please contact us for our Lumion Workflow document.

Users design their model in any of the 3D modelling tools such as Revit, AutoCAD, Sketch Up, ArchiCAD, 3D Studio Max, Rhino, Cinema4D, Vectorworks, AllPlan, and others that support standard export formats.

Changes in models can be updated to the scene at any time.  One click import and update.


1.  Capability:  rapid quality images and video for clients
as professional visualisation content.
2.  Competency and Power: professionally used, robust,
large scenes.
3.  Focused Simplicity with Rapid Content Workflow: 
small learning curve, from start to production quickly.
4.  Build scenes Rapidly: working directly in real-time in
the 3D world really does make a difference.
Proven Use in Architectural Offices Worldwide, In Everyday Practice

1.  Lumion offers a workflow from model to completed 3D visualisation that is rapid and cost effective.

2.  Being able to produce animations to communicate to clients where once only a few images was possible extends the
Architects offering of services.


Visualisation with a Productivity Focus:

Lumion has been very carefully designed to focus on productivity aspects for visualisation.

Open Lumion, use a template scene (or start from scratch), create an environment, import your models, place the objects, apply other materials, then view your scene with high quality shadows, lighting and HDR. 

In real-time.  No agonizing long waits for scenes to render; even at draft.  Then output with resolution options for high quality images and video - Rapidly.  The time to render difference saves not only time and cost, but lets Architects respond more quickly, with less constraints, and with better options for clients.

Simple, quick and optimised workflow for architects and anyone interested in 3D visuals.

Your Organisation:

Lumion enables architects, urban planners and other design and visualisation professionals to create stunning, realistic high-definition movies, high-resolution images and real-time 3D presentations.

Companies that already use CAD packages and 3D authoring tools for their modeling and design, will be able to take the development of video material and interactive presentations into their own hands.

It will enable them to improve their communication with customers and reduce the development costs of 3D visualisations.

Which Product

Products and Editions:

There are three products of Lumion:

- Not for commercial use.
- Watermark on renderings.
- Limited libraries.
- Limited resolutions.

- the standard version
- most features and some content. Ideal for free-lancers and small companies.

Lumion Pro:
- Professional version with all features and content.
- the optimal solution for Architects or larger offices.

Lumion is also available as either:
- commercial
- educational.
Product Differences:
To see the features supported by each prpduct, please see the Lumion web site: Specifications.

A complete display of all models in the Library can be found at the Lumion web site: for Lumion and Lumion Pro.
Visualisation for architectural scenes.
Interiors and exteriors.  Ability to handle large scenes.
High quality image, video, 360 Panorama and VR images - fast.
Rapid scene creation and rendering in a dynamic 3D environment.
Review scenes in real-time with clients.
Simple to learn, and use. 
Productive visualisations.
Beautiful Renders Within Reach

How to get Lumion:

Order Version 9.5 - NZ Reseller Discounts for June/July 2019:

See our Order and Pricing information for Lumion and Lumion Pro.
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