What's New in Lumion v7.5 and v7.3:-

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Act-3D Announce The Release of Lumion 7.3 with LiveSync® for Revit

21 March 2017:

​Make changes in Revit® and immediately see them appear live in Lumion!

New in Lumion 7.3: LiveSync® provides a real-time high quality 3D view of your Revit® design. This plugin for Revit® creates a live connection with Lumion, so that changes in Revit® can be previewed in real-time in Lumion.

Live synchronization can help you work faster, for example in the early stages of design, when you are making frequent adjustments to your Revit® model.

What do you need?

• You need Lumion 7.3. If you already own Lumion 7.0 you should receive an email at any moment with a link to your FREE update. If you need to buy or upgrade to Lumion 7.3 then click here.
• You will need to download the updated Lumion® Plugin 2.0 for Revit® for free.


• How to use LiveSync
• LiveSync Materials
• LiveSync Settings

View Lumion LiveSync® for Revit® tutorials
Lumion 7.5 is a free upgrade for Lumion 7 users.
See Further Details at the Lumion.com web site: What's New
Do you have your own favorite materials set? With Lumion 7.5, you can now import your own non-square textures without any distortion. This means cleaner, more attractive renders with your own signature materials and styles!
​You can now amp up the authenticity and style of your renders with 52 new high-definition materials, including stone, marble, brick and tiles. These new HD textures can help you apply the finishing touches in creating the perfect render.
Friday 7 July 2017:

Lumion 7.5 Includes New HD Materials

Lumion® is fast, easy-to-use, high-quality visualization software for architects. It is compatible with almost all CAD software packages including Revit®, SketchUp®, ArchiCAD®, Allplan®, Rhinoceros® and many others. Lumion offers a full visualization package and is used by 61 of the top 100 architecture firms in the world.

The release includes both the full licensed version and the 7 Day Trial and 7 Day Pro Trial.
Friday 7 July 2017:

Lumion 7.5 Beautiful Renders Within Reach

Act-3D Announce The Release of Lumion 7.5

Beautiful Renders Within Reach
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Beautiful Renders Within Reach

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