Transparent Trees:
You can now add transparency to trees and plants. This is a great way to prevent foliage from getting in the way of what you are trying to show.
News & Learning On The Home Screen
The start screen of Lumion now shows tips, tricks and news items aimed at helping you get better at using Lumion.
Panorama Mode
Lumion now has a dedicated Panorama mode in addition to the existing Photo and Video modes.

In Panorama mode, you can choose to share your panoramas online using MyLumion or you can render a VR output, which can be viewed with a VR headset. Alongside 360 Panoramas for Samsung GearVR and Oculus Rift, it is now also possible to render outputs for other VR devices.

Oculus and GearVR Other Devices
rendering a Scene Rendered Wegner to Equirectangular
Apply Materials Faster
Assigning or changing materials is now more responsive than before. The delay between material assignments has been reduced resulting in a more fluid experience in the material section.

Quick Object Properties
Vertical Duplication
Improved Benchmarking
Quick Object Settings

A new property window makes it easier to quickly edit properties of objects. For example you can click a tree and instantly change its transparency.
Duplicate items by moving them vertically

Previously you could duplicate objects by pressing the Alt key while moving objects horizontally. Now you can also duplicate objects by pressing Alt and moving them vertically.
Improved Benchmarking

It is easier to test your computer to find out if the performance is good enough for Lumion and learn how it can be improved.

More details from Lumion web site: Lumion 6.0 Release Notes - New Features.
More details from Lumion web site: Lumion 6.0 Product Specifications

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What's New in Lumion v6.5:-
Updated Render Engine to DX11

Lumion 6.5 contains an updated render engine. The engine now works better with Windows 8 and 10. Additionally, Lumion has access to extra graphics card memory in Windows 10 (the previous maximum was 4GB). This extra memory allows for larger scenes.
The engine update provides a platform with greater opportunities for future development.
Details from previous release: Lumion 6.3 Release
Improved Material Surfaces Wet Asphalt Material Enhanced Mass Move Site name
Beautiful Renders Within Reach

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