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Lumion V5 makes a great leap forward in three of the areas that make Lumion so special: Ease, speed and quality.  (Act-3D® B.V. CEO, Ferry Marcellis).  

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New Physically-Based Materials

Excellent materials are vital when you need to create convincing visualizations. The Lumion material library has been extended and vastly improved using Physically Based Rendering (PBR).

Physically Based Rendering (PBR) is a method for calculating how light reacts to a surface and is based on the physics of the interaction between light and a surface. The result is a more realistic looking material.

More than 120 new materials have been added taking the total to well over 600 available materials. But not only this. All the materials in the library have undergone a conversion process and are now all ‘physically-based’ which means the materials look better and more realistic than ever before.

There are several completely new categories of material, namely plastic, leather and rock. All of the previously existing material categories (20 of them) have many extra materials available. These new physically-based materials, combined with the new, more intuitive, materials interface is a great leap forward, enabling users to find exactly the textures that they are looking for, simply and quickly.
New Materials Interface

Applying good materials is a demanding task that can often be difficult. To maintain the highest standards regarding usability, Lumion 5 has an entirely revamped materials interface.

This reduces the time and work needed to get your materials looking just how you want them.

The new materials interface follows Lumion's PureGlass® user interface approach, which is designed to make complicated technology easy to use. You will find remarkably few icons on your screen at any one moment, providing you with a satisfying and intuitive experience.
Artistic Effects

Oil Painting Effect
This effect is a jaw-dropping addition to the range of artistic effects in Lumion. Switch it on with a single click and watch your scene transform itself into a smooth-flowing oil painting.

Pastel Sketch Effect
Another super artistic effect for use in stills and animations. Depending on the settings you choose, it can make your scene look something like a chalk or a pastel sketch. It’s another feature to help you breathe life into ideas and present them in an attractive and conceptual way to colleagues or clients.

Analogue Color Lab
The new Analogue Color Lab in Lumion 5.0 allows you to tune the coloring within your scene to give it a kind of ‘instagram’ look, which can have a great artistic impact.

Blueprint Effect
Begin a clip with your scene looking like a blueprint drawing, and then gradually fade in the colors and materials.

Material Highlight Effect
It is often important to highlight certain materials in your renders or animations, so that they stand out more clearly relative to everything else.
Node Replacement Tool

Include objects in your modelling (like a 'dummy' object) for layout of scene elements such as lights and plants, import and replace object with Lumion Library or other objects.

Mass Move Effect

Animating objects is essential to bring your films to life. The Mass Move effect enables you to efficiently animate large numbers of objects. Simply draw a line in your scene and watch the objects close to that line move at the speed and in the direction you define. Super-easy and super-fast. This effect combined with the new Mass Placement options enables fast and simple animation of traffic moving along roads.

Mass Placement

The new Mass Placement feature allows you to build huge scenes even faster than before. Just draw a line and the objects you select will be placed along it. You can also spread them out at arbitrary distances apart, rotate them randomly, mix the object selections as change the number of objects placed.
Workflow:- Faster with More Options

Faster Rendering
Render time is crucially important in the visualization workflow. Due to detailed improvements in the rendering engine, Lumion 5 renders even faster than previously. Tests have delivered render time reductions of typically 20% to 90% for images and animations of the same quality on the same hardware. This is quite staggering, considering that Lumion was already the fastest architectural rendering option available anywhere.
100 Photos
Lumion 5.0 has an expanded capacity for still images. Now it’s 100 photos; a great improvement on Lumion 4.5, which could hold 10 photos.

Multiple Movie Clip Sequences
Different stakeholders often have different visualization needs. For example, one stakeholder might need a more conceptual and artistic look, while another might require something more technical. In Lumion 5, creating multiple movies for the scene you have created will be easy to achieve and manage. You can make up to 10 movies for a single scene.
Five Render Quality Options
Being able to choose from five render options allows to find the balance between quality and speed in your workflow.
Content Library

New People

New People
The many places and cultures in which Lumion is now used around the world are reflected in the characters available in the people library. With Lumion 5.0, another huge step has been made with an extra 73 (in Lumion Pro) animated characters representing various cultures from around the the globe. They include, amongst others, Middle-Eastern, African and East Asian.

New Trees and Plants

New Trees and Plants
High-quality foliage so often breathes life into a scene. Lumion's native shrubs, plants and trees help put Lumion in a league of its own. Lumion 5.0 contains 88 new trees and 100 new plants from around the world, bringing the total high quality plants and trees to around 1000, and making Lumion an even more global product through its further increased local relevance.
Other Enhancements:

Hyperlight® in Photo Mode
Lighting can make or break the impact of a still image. Hyperlight® provides a great boost in the quality of lighting in your stills. Hyperlight® was developed using unique in-house technology and is a physically-based method of incorporating light reflections into a scene.

Volumetric Sunlight
Volumetric Sunlight is the kind of light that seems to hang in the air itself. This is an effect that looks something like a ray of mist with light streaming through it.

Water Plane Reflections
Beautiful reflections from water are a boost to a scene's realism.

New Skin Rendering
Lumion 5 incorporates a new way of rendering skin and facial features of people.

New Exporter for McNeel’s Rhinoceros (Rhino)
To coincide with the development of Lumion 5.0, a dedicated exporter has been developed especially for McNeel’s Rhinoceros (Rhino).
HyperLight Render
Volumetric Sunlight
Waer Reflections
New Skin Renderer

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