LUMION V4 Upgrade:

3D grass:

New 3D grass with built-in random rocks and plants (across the scene - easily).

Beautiful looking grass can now be added with a click of a mouse. It sways in the wind, can be dotted with flowers and adds a much sought-after, natural feel to scenes. Grass this easy, is not available anywhere else.

Customizable Titiles
Text 3D Object
Customizable Titles Effect:

Create headers, intro's, banners with logo and text in easy to use styles and animations.
The new text functionality turns videos and real-time fly-throughs into complete presentations - without the need for a video editor.
Configurable titles make introductions and credits come to life, using a range of typefaces and stunning visual effects.
Text 3D Objects:
Embed 3D Text for highlighters and pointers in scenes.
SketchUp Direct File Import:

SketchUp users will be delighted to learn that Lumion 4.0 directly supports importing native SketchUp files.
This means that you no longer need to export your SketchUp file to a Collada (.DAE) format, instead you can save the SketchUp file in the standard (.SKP) format.
With Lumion 4.0 you experience a seamless workflow by using a single file format in both SketchUp and Lumion.

Sun Study - Time of Day
New Sun Study Effect:

Automate sun position to local scene with time of day positioning.

Animate the sun for full day or night sun and light study.
Other Enhancements - Ocean
Lighting and Visual Quality Enhancements:

*  Direct Light Metering:  Improved and automatic exposure adjustment
*  Ocean: Improved specular effects and general look & feel.
*  New lens flare:  Lens dirt, Dispersion (“rainbow flares”), Halo (“rainbow ring”), Improved bloom.
New models Added to Version 4:

Lumion:  90
Lumion Pro:  331
Extending the Plants Library: Green Tinting for Colour Variation for Seasonal Changes:

Change the coloring of plants to provide added variability to scenes.
Continuing the nature theme, it is now possible to add colour to vegetation and when applied together with the falling leaves effect, creates a wonderful atmospheric Autumn landscape.
2 Point Perspective
Extended Plant Library
New Fountains
New 2-Point Perspective effect:

Provide an optional perspective to stills and animations with 2 Point verticals.
As a surprise feature, two-point perspective is also now available in Lumion®. This effect removes perspective distortion and helps you find the perfect image.
New Cartoon effect:

Other Enhancements:

   *  Improved High Quality Effects.
   *  Improved fountains.
   *  Improved (“real”) motion blur.
   *  New materials.


Version 4.0 of Lumion® takes things to a whole new level and yet builds on the well-known usability, learnability, quality and world-beating speed of previous versions. (Act-3D® B.V. CEO, Ferry Marcellis). Site name
Beautiful Renders Within Reach

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